When Should You Visit a Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric dentists are specialized oral care providers for children from infancy to adolescence. They typically care for patients from the time the first tooth emerges until approximately age 18. A pediatric dentist usually treats children from 6 months of age until their last permanent teeth come out, which is usually around 12 or 13 years old. Many parents choose to have their children continue to see a pediatric dentist during adolescence, as they are more familiar with issues related to adolescent oral development than general dentists. In fact, it's highly recommended that your baby's first dental checkup be booked before their first birthday.

A pediatric dentist will teach your teen the best diets and oral hygiene habits to prepare the ground for a life of good oral health. They can detect tooth decay in its early stages, assess fluoride needs, and advise parents on proper oral and facial development. All pediatric dentists receive additional training to treat children and difficulties in early tooth development. The Super Dentists are always here to help children big and small as they transition to adulthood with all their oral hygiene needs. On the one hand, the pediatric dentist knows your teen's oral history and is better able to help.

While yours may be in high school, their jaws are still developing and they still need the kind guidance offered by a pediatric dentist. A big advantage of a pediatric office is the ability of the dentist and team to treat twisted babies and toddlers. Many parents choose to have their children continue to see a pediatric dentist and orthodontist during adolescence, but this is simply a matter of preference. Children will generally have been to an adult dentist or orthodontist by the time they turn 18. If you're wondering when you'll stop visiting a pediatric dentist, rest assured that The Super Dentists will always be here to help.

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