Pediatric Dentistry: An Age-Defined Specialty

Pediatric dentistry is a specialty that is defined by the age of its patients. It provides preventive and therapeutic oral health care for infants, children, and adolescents, including those with special health care needs. The most significant difference between pediatric dentistry and adult dentistry is the need for dentists who treat children to understand and practice sound psychological principles that allow children to have positive and relatively pain-free experiences in this important area of health. Compared to general dentists, pediatric dentists have special skills and experience in treating dental diseases in young patients.

It is recommended that parents start their child in pediatric dentistry as soon as their first tooth appears. Pediatric dentists tailor their office environment and communication style to make the dental experience as positive and rewarding as possible for children. They also teach children techniques for brushing and caring for their teeth, and provide a wide range of services and treatment options. Choosing a pediatric dentist is an important decision that can help instill a safe, lifelong habit of regular dental care in your child.

Pediatric dentists must be able to understand how children think and build a positive and trusting relationship with them. This helps them to provide quality dental care while protecting children from long-term problems and complications for life.

Sammy Bownds
Sammy Bownds

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