Do Pediatric Dentists Provide Orthodontic Services Such as Braces or Invisalign?

At Sprout Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, we provide exclusive, affordable, and quality orthodontic care for both children and adults. Our experienced orthodontists offer comprehensive, personalized treatments, including a variety of braces and Invisalign options. We have successfully transformed the smiles of more than 100,000 happy patients and look forward to providing the same quality care to the Bensonhurst community. Not only do we offer pediatric dentistry services for your children, but we also include orthodontic care under one roof. This makes us a convenient place where your child is sure to have excellent continuity of care.

Having these two services in one place makes it easier for our patients to schedule appointments. It also means that your children's dentist and orthodontist work together to ensure your children's overall oral health. Pediatric dentists are usually the first to detect orthodontic problems from the child's first visit and throughout their development. They examine and clean your child's teeth twice a year, monitor the development of baby and permanent teeth, fill cavities, and perform other routine treatments. Some pediatric dentists offer orthodontic services while others may refer you to an orthodontist for evaluation. California parents with a child who needs braces may be wondering if they should seek an orthodontist for their children's braces treatment or continue with their pediatric dentist.

Both orthodontists and pediatric dentists and hygienists use instruments that fit in your child's mouth.

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